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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

This page lays out the current status and direction of the Seam 3 project. Also keep your eye on following sources to get regular status updates:

Since Seam 3 is a modularized collection of portable extensions for CDI, modules are updated and released individually. This approach is in contrast to attempting to get the whole plane off the ground at once, as was the case with Seam 2.


The following table is a list of module directories that you'll find in the source tree and the module's purpose.

Module Git repo Lead(s) Purpose Issue tracker Build status
Solder solder Stuart Douglas CDI enhancements and utilities SOLDER Build status indicator
Faces (JSF) faces Brian Leathem JSF enhancements SEAMFACES Build status indicator
International (i18n/l10n) international Ken Finnigan Contextual internationalization and localization support SEAMINTL Build status indicator
JCR jcr George Gastaldi
John Ament
Seam JCR is a portable extension for CDI to a JCR (Java Content Repository) 2.0 compliant implementation (JSR-283) SEAMJCR Build status indicator
JMS jms John Ament JMS resource injection and CDI event bridging SEAMJMS Build status indicator
Mail mail Cody Lerum E-mail templating SEAMMAIL Build status indicator
Reports reports George Gastaldi Seam Reports is a portable extension for Java EE that provides APIs for compiling, populating and rendering documents SEAMREPORTS Build status indicator
Social social Antoine Sabot-Durand Provides CDI Beans and extensions to interact with major social network. SEAMSOCIAL Build status indicator
Persistence persistence Stuart Douglas Transaction and persistence for managed beans SEAMPERSIST Build status indicator
Remoting remoting Shane Bryzak Seam Remoting (ala DWR) SEAMREMOTING Build status indicator
REST rest Jozef Hartinger Enhancements to the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) SEAMREST
Security security Shane Bryzak Authentication, identity and permissions management, rule-based security, ACLs SEAMSECURITY Build status indicator
Validation validation Gunnar Morling Hibernate Validator integration SEAMVALIDATE Build status indicator
Wicket wicket Clint Popetz Wicket CDI integration SEAMWICKET Build status indicator

Build status legend: Success Success Unstable Test failure Failure Build failure

Sandbox Modules

The following table is a list of module directories that you'll find in the sandbox source tree. Click on the name of the module to view the module detail page.

Name Git Repo Lead(s) Purpose Issue tracker Build Status Release Available
Environment configuration envconfig n/a Environment configuration such as JNDI binding N/A
Cron cron Pete Royle Scheduled and asynchronous method invocation SEAMCRON N/A

Planned Modules

See the Seam 3 modules page for a full list of planned modules. The modules in this table are just the ones that have source available.