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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

Active development of Solder has been halted by Red Hat. This project has been deprecated by other technologies.

Seam Remoting

An Ajax-centric technology that allows the web page (via JavaScript) to interact directly with the beans in a CDI application.

To get started, add the dependency below to your pom.xml:
* Maven artifacts are located in the JBoss Community Repository:

Module team

Name Module role Organization Commit username (Git) Hometown (Time zone)
Shane Bryzak Lead Red Hat, Inc. sbryzak Brisbane, AU (UTC+10)
Amir Sadrinia Bean validation Community contributor Amir-Github AU
Want your name to appear in this list? Join us in #seam-dev on freenode and let us know you want to get involved.


Requiring just a minimal amount of JavaScript, Seam Remoting makes it trivial to invoke server-side bean methods with full support for CDI-specific features such as the conversation scope and bean qualifiers.

The powerful Model API lets you to work remotely with a server-side object graph of managed entities by allowing client-side changes to be incrementally applied to the managed server-side model, all within the scope of a managed persistence context.

Support for client-side bean validation (based on JSR-303) is also now supported.

Would it be reasonable to use JSF 2 client behaviors to add Seam Remoting interactions to a JSF page? Perhaps a seam-faces-remoting module?

Release plan

Version Time frame Focus
3.0.0.Beta1 2010-03-16 Available
3.0.0.Beta2 TBD TBD

Design whiteboard

This section serves as a whiteboard for design and ideas for this module. Once you've decided to pursue a feature, it should be added to JIRA as a feature request and optionally linked from this page.


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