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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

The Seam community is a diverse group of people from all over the world, interested in creating and supporting the next generation of Java web frameworks. Please register to join us.

We also have a set of icons you can put on the websites you created with Seam.


We appreciate any help you can provide on the Seam Forums. This is also the right place to ask usage questions and discuss Seam with other developers. Note: the old forum is now locked and read-only!

Mailing Lists

We currently use our mailing lists for Seam development discussions and event notification only. Seam user questions and discussions should be posted on the Seam Users Forum.


You can find the Seam and Weld communities in #seam and #weld on You can join Seam and Weld development discussions in #seam-dev and #weld-dev on


See our events page for a list of upcoming Seam presentations and other gatherings of people interested in Seam. You can add your own dates there.

Contributing to Seam

Any help on Seam is welcome, whether you want to file bug reports or submit code or documentation patches. Please read the Contributing To Seam page to learn how to get started.

Seam Framework team

Below is a list of the Seam Framework team. If your name is missing, please feel free to contact one of the lead developers.

Committer Company Working On
Pete Muir Red Hat Inc. Seam (Project Lead), Weld (Project Lead), CDI TCK (Project Lead)
Gavin King Red Hat Inc. Seam (Project Founder), CDI (Spec Lead)
Norman Richards Red Hat Inc. Seam Core
Shane Bryzak Red Hat Inc. Seam Security, Seam Remoting, CDI TCK, Weld
Michael Yuan Individual Seam
Mike Youngstrom Individual Seam-Spring Integration
Ales Justin Red Hat Inc. Seam and Weld JBoss AS (Project Lead, JBoss MC)
Christian Bauer Individual Seam Wiki, REST and GWT integration
Jay Balunas Red Hat Inc. RichFaces (Project Lead)
Jozef Hartinger Red Hat Inc. Seam automated browser based testing, Seam REST integration, CDI TCK
Marek Novotny Red Hat Inc. Cross-platform testing
Dan Allen Red Hat Inc. Seam, CDI TCK, JSF2 Expert Group
Matt Drees Individual Seam Core
Jacob Orshalick Focus IT Solutions LLC
Nicklas Karlsson Individual Seam-Excel, Seam-RSS, Weld
Daniel Roth Individual Seam-Excel, Weld
Clint Popetz Individual Seam and Weld integration withWicket
Judy Guglielmin ICESoft Inc. Seam and ICEFaces integration
David Allen Individual Weld, CDI TCK
Tihomir Surdilovic Red Hat Inc. Seam and Drools integration
Roger Kitain Sun Microsystems, Inc. Weld and GlassFish integration
Marius Bogoevici Red Hat Inc. Weld
Pete Royle Individual Weld Java SE support
Takeshi Kondo Individual Weld
Steven Boscarine Individual Weld Archetypes
Stuart Douglas Individual Weld Extensions, XML for CDI
Lincoln Baxter, III Red Hat Inc. Forge, Seam Faces/International/Servlet, JSF 2.0 Expert Group, PrettyFaces, PrettyTime
Matija Mazi Individual Weld Servlet Support
Emmanuel Bernard Red Hat Inc. Lead developer Hibernate Annotations, EntityManager, Validator, Search
Jordan Ganoff Individual Seam 3 JMS Module