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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

Seam is unique in that it has a Quality Engineering (QE) team at Red Hat dedicated to performing Quality Assurance (QA) for the project. There is also a team at Red Hat dedicated to preparing Seam for inclusion in the JBoss Enterprise Platforms. Both of these teams strengthen the quality of the Seam community project.

The purpose of this page is to make you aware of:

  • their presence
  • what they do

QE Responsibilities

The QE teams are primarily responsible for ensuring that the JBoss Enterprise Platforms meet the standards our customers expect. Much of this work involves developing automated testing for Seam, which is also contributed upstream into the community project.

The responsibilities of the QE team to the community project include:

  • Maintaining the Hudson Build Jobs (handled in a round-robin manner)
  • Creating functional tests for the Seam 3 examples
  • Testing releases before they are published
  • Working on the CDI TCK

As with most open source projects, the majority of the testing Seam receives is from the community.

Working with QE

The preferred way to contact the QE team is via seam-qa mailing list ( It is monitored by the team members and they will reply as soon as possible. Another option is to contact someone directly on the #seam-dev channel on

If you are a Seam module lead, you should ensure that you have good communication with QE. The QE team serves as advisors to the module leads. QE may contact module leads when the code isn't well tested or the coverage is low. The QE team can also help the module leads setup functional testing - Seam uses functional testing to fully exercise the examples.

The QE team participes in the JBoss Testing initiative where we are trying to align the testing tools inside of JBoss so that we create a testing stack instead of everyone having to cobble together their own setup. For instance, Arquillian could support JSFUnit, integrate with Selenium, etc. You can find integration ideas in the Arquillian space.

QE Team Members

Below is a list of the Seam QE team members at Red Hat.

Name Position Specialization
Ondřej Skutka QE Supervisor, Team Lead Release testing
Jozef Hartinger QA Engineer Release testing; functional tests; performance testing
Marek Schmidt QA Engineer Release testing; code coverage
Martin Kouba QA Engineer CDI-TCK
Tomáš Remeš QA Associate Release testing; functional tests

Remember, if you need to contact the QE team, please use the seam-qa mailing list (

Enterprise Platform Team Members

Below is a list of the Enterprise Platform team members at Red Hat.

Name Position Specialization
Marek Novotny Seam Productization Lead Maintaining enterprise branches