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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

Build jobs for Seam 3 can be viewed on the JBoss Hudson server. This is a public, read-only mirror of the internal JBoss Hudson server (VPN required) that is made available through the Hudson Build Publisher Plugin. There is a publishing queue and as a result, there may be a delay between this view and the backend state. At times publishing may get stuck. Contact QE if you suspect a problem. You should not be worrying about managing Hudson.

The jobs are setup and maintained by the Seam QE team. Please open an issue in your module's JIRA if you need to setup a build job and assign it to the Seam QE lead. For instance, you'll need to work with QE if your tests need to deploy to a JBoss AS instance (or any other special need).

About the jobs

Currently, there are three types of jobs for each Seam 3 module:

CI jobs

Jobs that contain -CI keyword (i.e., Seam-3.X-config-CI) are run every 15 minutes if there has been a commit in the Git repository during that time. Source code of a certain module is pulled from the repository and module's tests are triggered. Subsequently, test results are archived. If the job fails (error during job execution) or becomes unstable (test failures), people who made a change to the module since the last successful run, as well as Seam QE members, are notified automatically (via e-mail).

Nightly jobs

A job containing -nightly keyword is launched once a day. This job builds the module from sources and publishes a snapshot to the JBoss Community Snapshot Repository.

Nexus is currently configured to keep snapshots for 90 days and to keep at least 1 snapshot for each project. The cleanup job runs once a week on Saturdays.

Documentation jobs

A job containing -documentation keyword is launched once a day. This job builds the modules from sources and publishes a snapshot of the reference documentation to the JBoss documentation server.

Tracking the jobs

If you commit and the job fails, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the failure. If you get no mail upon failure, contact the Seam QE team. The status of each CI job is also tracked on the Seam 3 project dashboard.

To get in touch with the mood of the continuous integration environment, check out module dashboard page or, if you're using Android, the following app in the Android market:

Test coverage reports

Emma test coverage reports are available for most of Seam 3 modules: