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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

The Seam projects (Seam, Weld and the TCK) have a specific Community Liaison role, whose job is to oversee interaction with the community members and contributors to these projects.

A fast moving project can confuse the community without sufficient documentation and guides showing the community how to use and contribute to the project. The community liaison, focusing on these areas, complements to the project lead, who will often be more focused on delivering releases, new features and overall architecture.

Position currently held by: Dan Allen


Content comes in a number of forms, including the official reference guide, FAQs and guides on this site, blog posts, tutorials and articles on other sites, podcasts and webinars, conference presentations and recordings. The community liaison is in charge of tracking this content, and ensuring it is linked and organized. The community liaison is also charged with ensuring that the Seam projects have a good balance of content, spread between in-person events and electronic content. The community liaison is a good person to contact if you plan to create some content, they can let you know if you effort overlaps with another.

Content moderation

All users must follow the Forum Policy when posting - the community liaison ensures the policy is followed.

Infrastructure requirements

Although Seam and Weld are both JBoss Community (i.e., projects, they currently have a unique IT situation because the project wiki and forums are hosted outside of the Red Hat infrastructure.

Normally the community liaison will coordinate issues and requests from the Seam communities with the JBoss Community team (who are responsible for JIRA), the Red Hat Engineering Operations IT group (who are responsible for all IT infrastructure such as,, SourceForge (who host the downloads), and the web host of


  • Jono Bacon's The Art of Community
  • Jono Bacon: The Engines of Community talk at the O’Reilly MySql Conference and Expo

  • Jimmy Wales' on collaboration