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CDI Extensions

Portability is one of greatest advantages of the Java platform. It represents the concept that from one application to another, from one application-server vendor to another, and from one job to another, knowledge is freely transferable; the same skills, technologies, and designs can be used with assurance that there are always multiple choices for business solutions.

Often times, in the world of open-source standards, we find ourselves solving similar problems in many places, sometimes leading to innovation, but frequently leading to frustration; this is where the world of portability takes on new meaning - with portable extensions to Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE (CDI).

Portable Extensions are usable on any Servlet container, application-server, or Java runtime; in a sense, learn once, run anywhere - the same promise that Java guarantees.

Seam 3 represents our pick of the best CDI extensions including common features like custom web-application security, web-flow engines, internationalization and localization, simplified web-page development, and even mail templating or document generation - business needs that nearly every application developer must provide, but that nobody should need to re-invent.

But sometimes, you'll want something different, and that is why we have created the CDI Extensions Directory - where anybody can link their extension. These extensions might be a jar you can drop into your application through to an example someone together for a blog.

We encourage anyone who has written an extension to add a link in the directory, so that everyone can take advantage of it!

Guidelines for adding an extension to the directory

In short, there are none!

  • If you are looking for someone to host your code, you might consider GitHub or Sourceforge
  • You probably should provide a way for people to contact you - you are welcome to use the Weld forum for this!