Built with Seam

You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

If you are an existing committer, you may want to bring in another person to help you out. To do that, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Contact the Seam project lead. You should introduce the new committer, and explain why they should be given commit.
  • Have the new committer sign the contributor agreement for Seam
  • Ask the Seam project lead to accept the contributor agreement. At this point the Seam project lead will give the new committer authorization to commit to the Seam VCS and set up the user to receive build status emails from Hudson. Make sure you provide the username and email address of the new committer
  • Add the new committer to the Developer role in JIRA for the relevant modules. To do this, choose Administer Project -> View Members -> Developers / Edit. You should use the user picker to find the user (there is a bug in JIRA whereby an incorrect username entered causes a NullPointerException when using this screen in the future - if you do make this mistake, you need to contact and ask for the database to be fixed).

At this point the new committer should be ready to go. Make sure you are around to review their initial commits!