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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

Maven 2 support in Seam has been a topic that has been requested, debated, and discussed for a long time. The simple truth is that it's possible today to create a Seam application that is powered by a Maven 2 build. That's because the Seam project publishes its artifacts in the JBoss Maven 2 repository. You can find information in the Seam reference documentation about how to refer to these artifacts.

And the community has answered. See this FAQ for a list of Maven 2 archetypes, including one sanctioned by the Seam development team!

Still, the problem remains that you have no official help from the Seam project to set up this scaffolding. That's what the following three issues are about:

The long term goal of the Seam project is to provide the developer with a seed to help grow a Seam application based on a Maven 2 build. There are really two needs:

  1. To be able to generate a Maven 2 Seam application
  2. To be able to build the Seam project with Maven 2

Most people won't care about #2 and frankly they can be done independently of #1. The key part of #1 is having a Maven 2 example under the examples directory. In my mind, that is the first step. It will serve as the prototype for what seam-gen will create. We would also like to provide a Maven 2 archetype that people can use perhaps as an alternative to seam-gen (or seam-gen can simply generate a Maven 2 project using this archetype).

To help evaluate what this seed will look like, a collection of Mavenized Seam project templates have been assembled in the following FAQ entry. The Seam team also recommends the sanctioned initiative in that document.

Is there a Maven 2 project template for Seam applications?

Using Maven with SeamTest

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