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I'm trying to find a solution to what used to be a very simple problem, in the days of the Jsp.

My problem is this: I'm using Seam 2.1.2 and JSF R.I. 1.2_12, under tomcat 6.

I have a search page where the user selects it's criterion, then it press Search button, then it gets the result IN ANOTHER PAGE.

Now all my problem is passing the result of the search (a list of objects) to the second page (during the same request). The first page calculates the list, then pass it to the second page for rendering. Just like the servlets use to pass data to the jsp.

First thing tried, outject the list in the event context, and inject it to the second page

The second page gets nothing, it seems the event context is not kept.

Second thing, using FacesContext.getExternalContext().getRequestMap (), which is backed by the ServletRequest.getAttribute()/ServletRequest.setAttribute() that was used by Jsps.

Still nothing for the second page, request attributes seems to be cleared too.

Of course, If I switch to Conversation context, everything works, and the second page get its result list. But I don't want to keep this list in memory more than needed, so I don't want to use Conversation or Session context for that.

My question is: Without writing complex code, is there any simple way to do this ?