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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

This page catalogs a list of ideas for example applications. When we sit down to create an example application, we want to implement something that is relevant to the developer evaluating the framework. We will use this page to capture some ideas and get an idea of what to create, and perhaps what to avoid.

Suggested ideas

  • Call for papers application for a conference (speaker info -> bio -> add paper -> preview -> submit -> add paper -> etc)
  • Conference session feedback (targeting mobile phones for input, qrcode on final slide to get to pull up feedback screen, admin panel for collecting data & stats)
  • Conference information site, like
  • Social image gallery share your customer shots (Seam3, Hibernate OGM with Search, storage on Infinispan)
  • clone (create & redirect short links to other websites, also include a dynamic part) (partial implementation in Seam Faces)
  • Plugin and Documentation site (like and for JavaEE concept
  • Pizza shop (create an order, add toppings, add sides, etc) concept
  • Swag swap (see
  • Conference scheduler (talks, speakers, schedule grid, personal scheduler, rate session, registration) - might want to break up into smaller examples
  • Music social networking (see
  • Social bookmarking like and
  • Twitter clone (community effort started with wallfriend, also see chirpr-roo, chirpr-grails, chirpr-torquebox)
  • Twitter timeline archiver (would allow you to view your timeline, but drill into real conversation threads)
  • Twitter backup (a good app to demonstrate Seam Social and or Seam REST client, if these apply) (see this TOTD)
  • IRC log indexer for searching, analysis, graphs (similar to
  • Flight booking and checkin
  • Employee expense form - recurring expenses, PDF print version, multiple currencies
  • Employee electronic time sheet - simple, like
  • Code paste application - like the Rails-based Weld Pastecode example
  • Design comp cms w/ security for clients (port from Seam Security talk)
  • Project logo catalog
  • Select year, make, model of a car (simple, yes, but everyone appreciates it)
  • Collaborative meeting minutes (
  • Survey (good to demonstrate page flow)
  • Time tracking application
  • Expenses Tracking
  • Seam JMS example (

Ideas to avoid

Please, let's not create clichéd examples, such as:

  • Pet store


Looking at the problem from a different angle, these are scenarios which a framework can help solve. They can be represented in any number of examples. We may want to break these up by category.

  • Forgot password workflow (send reset token, etc)
  • Establish an ORM association (foreign key reference) from a UI pick list
  • Optimistic transaction
  • Status messages for user after performing an action (queuing and displaying)
  • Filter a list of items by what current user is permitted to see (role-based, rule-based or ACLs)
  • Select a record from a list or table and display its details
  • Perform a background operation and notify the user when it is complete
  • ...

Related application ideas

  • Android application to interact with Jopr
  • Android application to interact with REST interface for conference organizer