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You can find the full source code for this website in the Seam package in the directory /examples/wiki. It is licensed under the LGPL.

Thank you for contributing to Seam. There are many ways you can help. Use this table of contents to get started:

Regardless of how you get involved, we appreciate your participation.

I found a bug I want to report

First, please ask on the Seam Users Forum if your problem is really related to a bug in Seam. If it is related to a bug in Seam, search the JIRA issue database for similar problems. Only if you did not find a reported bug, and other users and developers on the forum confirmed that you found a bug, please report it. Read more about how to report a bug.

  1. Forum
  2. Issue database (JIRA) (report as Bug)

I found a security issue I want to report

If you think you have found a vulnerability in Seam or any of the libraries it bundles, it's important you report it to us so that we it can be fixed, either in Seam, or in the upstream project.

When filing security issues, care should be taken to not place sensitive information, especially on embargoed issues, in public view. We are in support of the full public disclosure of security issues, but it should be done so in a responsible manner.

An embargoed security issue is one which is not publically known, and its existence is to be reported to responsible organizations. Often when a researcher discovers a security issue, they will contact an organization such as vendor or the project's upstream developers. If the issue is of great severity, it is wise to give the project, and the researcher some time to produce patches and advisories for the issue.

Sensitive issues should be reported directly to the security team by email and not via the Seam JIRA issue tracker. The security team will evaluate the issue, coordinate any fix, and create advisories if necessary.

  1. Email

I want to request a feature

Often a feature request does not require any changes in Seam; there are many ways to achieve the same goal with Seam. Please ask first on the Forum if the feature you need exists. If it doesn't exist, and your search in the JIRA issue database didn't yield any results, report it as a new feature request.

  1. Forum
  2. Issue database (JIRA) (report as Feature)

I want to contribute to the code

The fastest way to start working on Seam is to download Seam (use a Subversion checkout if you like to be up-to-date). Next, read our guidelines for Seam development to find out how to set up your development environment and how to get started.

Finally, pick an open issue and submit your patch. We typically grant commit access to Seam after a developer submits useful patches. Red Hat Inc. also hires exceptional contributors as full-time open source developers.

  1. Download Seam
  2. Read guidelines for Seam development (free IntelliJ license is available)
  3. Pick and open issue (see below)

This is a list of the issues the Seam development team have marked as your best starting point:

Link to filter Starter issues
Open issues, by priority and affected component
No issues found.

I want to contribute to the documentation

If you see a section of the reference manual that needs some improvement, or is just plain wrong, then please report it as a task (please tick the Affects Documentation checkbox).

If you want to help out by translating the documentation into your own language, then please refer to this page.

  1. Issue database (JIRA) (report as Task)
  2. Read about how to translate Seam (if applicable)