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This page contains the instructions for translating the community Weld documentation into your own native language.

Weld uses Flies for translations, and you should follow this guide to use Flies.

The Flies interface allows you to translate hunks and shows you the work needed on each translations.

To build your translations, you must have the po2xml program installed. If you're on Linux, you can typically find this binary in the kdesdk or kdesdk-utils package. Once you have the program installed, just run:


You'll then find the translated html and pdf next to the en-US docs in target/docbook/publish/{language}-{country}. The OpenJDK version of Java doesn't work well with FOP, we recommend using the Sun JDK.

We will synchronize any documentation changes made to the source version of the documentation (en-US) which will flag any modified paragraphs as fuzzy (meaning they may require an updated translation) regularly.

Releasing translated documentation

As the Weld documentation is worked up until the last minute for a release, translations from English may not be released immediately. The process for releasing translations is:

  1. Weld X.Y.Z.GA is released with the English docs as prepared by the Weld development team.
  2. If a translation needs updates, the documentation from that release will be branched in SVN into branches/doc and the translation committed.
  3. Once the documentation is verified complete we will tag and the documentation available from will be updated.
  4. Any changes made to a docs branch must be merged into the main branch as well.