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Servers, libraries, and versions required by Seam.
What version of JBoss Application Server do I need to run Seam? Updated: 14. Sep 2011, 15:54 (sbryzak)
Do I need JBoss Application Server to run Seam? Updated: 16. Sep 2011, 02:16 (sbryzak)
Can I run Seam in a J2EE 1.4 environment? Updated: 16. Sep 2011, 02:16 (sbryzak)
What JDK version do I need for Seam? Updated: 16. Sep 2011, 02:16 (sbryzak)
Does Seam work with JDK 6.0? Updated: 14. Sep 2011, 17:35 (sbryzak)
How does the JBoss AS 5 - Seam integration work? Updated: 16. Sep 2011, 02:17 (sbryzak)
Does Seam work with JSF 2? Updated: 04. Feb 2010, 02:55 (mana)

Please Note - This FAQ is for Seam 2 only!!

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